The Glocalized Teacher

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When architecture tells a story

Is it buildings that tell the story of the city or the city that introduces the buildings? Can a river that ribbons in and around the city impose its presence in a talkative way? Can modern and classic stand tall... Continue Reading →


How to share your teaching plan through students’ works – Poetry Lesson in motion

Step 1 : Anticipation Guide Have students put their assumptions to test!   Step 2: Snowball Students respond to a verbal prompt and snowball the paper to another to respond to the next prompt. Virtue - They read what others... Continue Reading →

Revelations from the ENL Class

  Plan to teach less and facilitate more. Preview vocabulary and background to the lesson. Help them form connections to the text. Draw resemblances to their lives. Start with Group work and slowly graduate to pair and individual. Keeps them... Continue Reading →

ENL ( English as a new Language) is the mother of strategy

Closing the achievement gap for ELL’s (English Language Learners) is a necessity. And necessity is the mother of strategy. I would rather use strategy than invention referring to the timeworn but spot-on statement. One thing that Fulbright does to you... Continue Reading →

Metaphor(ise) teaching

What goes around in a classroom comes around the world!

The Star Spangled American Classroom

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